Gaithersburg Thursday Breakfast


  Do You Need a Sub for BNI?


Substitute for Members of BNI

Substitutes are needed for members when they are going to be away from our weekly meeting. Please contact us if you would like to be on our sub-list.

Here are some of your benefits as our preferred substitute list member.

  • As BNI member -Promote your business even if you are a member of other BNI group, as long as we do not have a representation yet in your field you can sub as often as your time permits and have opportunity to do so.
  • As Non-BNI member -Promote your business even if you are not a BNI member yet and still undecided if you are going to join or not for whatever reason.
  • Its your opportunity to receive qualified business referrals because you will be treated as our business associate.

What you need to do?

  • When you sub for a member you will give a 30-45 seconds commercial about the business of the person you are representing.
  • Once all the members are done you will be given a chance to give your own 30-45 seconds commercial.

Our Substitute List

Jane Adams 301-869-3980
Jeff Hunt - 301-943-1913
Gary Tober - American Windows & Siding   Ph: 301-962-4150   C: 301-792-3812  E:
Jim Binderman - Premier Values - 240-731-8177 -

Please contact us if you would like to be included as a subsitute for our chapter.